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501 Talks Tech Workshops

This program’s focus is to increase the nonprofit sector’s use of technology by providing information, as well free and low-cost tools, to increase community resources and improve outcomes for nonprofits across Washington state.

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Our 501 Talks Tech Workshops

The 501 Talks Tech workshop series is a free service for nonprofits covering a variety of technology topics. The focus is to increase the nonprofit sector’s use of technology by providing information, as well as free and low-cost tools, to increase community resources and improve outcomes for nonprofits across Washington state. Each interactive workshop lasts for an hour and a half, with the goal that participants walk away having learned something that can be directly applied to their nonprofit.

Upcoming Event

Enter the Intranet: What Confluence Can Do For Your Nonprofit
September 21, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

The secret to lower stress and higher productivity is in managing information so that staff and board members can collaborate, find and share critical information, and document the organization's policies and processes so that they can be understood and replicated.

Do any of these stories sound familiar to you?

  • An important employee moves on from the organization…and remaining employees realize that key information walked out the door with them.
  • A board member can’t locate the meeting notes buried deep in their inbox.
  • No one remembered to tell the new employee about an important part of their job.
  • Program documentation is scattered between personal and shared files resulting in a lot of wasted time when something needs to be located.
  • Staff keep asking each other the same questions over and over again because the answers aren’t written down anywhere.

Stop reinventing the wheel! We can help you create an internal-facing website where your staff and board can centralize all knowledge in one easy-to-use location. This way, everyone on your team will know important things ranging from where to find the scotch tape to how to be reimbursed for business purchases standard operating policies.

On September 21 from noon to 1:00 p.m. we will host a free 501 Talks Tech webinar in which we provide a tour through a demonstration wiki site. We’ll show you how you can utilize this space to:

  • Customize systems for recruiting and onboarding new staff, board members, and volunteers;
  • Create checklists to keep everyone accountable;
  • Post important information like meeting minutes, upcoming dates, marketing materials, emergency contact protocols, PTO/holiday policies, key messaging, and so on; and
  • Document processes like HR, payroll, job applicant interviews, editing the website, requesting new office supplies, and updating donor records.

We will show you how you can do all of this using Atlassian’s Confluence software.

Don't miss this engaging and informative webinar!

Meet the Presenter

Lucinda Stroud empowers Washington nonprofits as 501 Commons' Information Systems Analyst, consulting with organizations to build and sustain cloud-based internal informational and collaboration spaces (Intranets), primarily through use of Atlassian's Confluence technology.  She also supports the Information & Referral Program and consults on internal operations and improvements.

Prior to transitioning into client-facing consulting, Lucinda acted as the Administrative Coordinator at 501 Commons for two years, building upon an already-strong foundation of nonprofit operations knowledge and internal communications.  She has worked in Seattle’s theatre scene both as an artist (director, dramaturg, adapter) and on the administrative side (receptionist, registrar, database administrator, payroll officer, event planner, project coordinator, operations manager…). A graduate from the University of Puget Sound, Lucinda’s focus was on literature, writing, and languages, but her interests were (and remain) wide-ranging. She studied abroad for a semester in New Delhi, where her focus was on microeconomics and the representation of Indian women in literature and film. Since relocating to Seattle, she has volunteered with Equal Rights Washington, ShareWheel's Tent City 5, Washington Won't Discriminate, and the Transit Riders Union.

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Looking Ahead

  • More 501 Talks Tech in early 2018.  Stay tuned!

More about our 501 Talks Tech Workshops

These small-scale, one-hour events are directed for community members and small-budget nonprofits. Trainings and workshops range from application overviews to more focused methods of tech use.

Tech usage will be communicated comfortably for various skill levels. Specific training topics will be based on common tech needs and related challenges of the nonprofit community.

For information on previous workshops and trainings, please visit the Technology Knowledge Center.

If you are interested in leading a training session, please read more about the Technology Trainer position.

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