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Database Assessment

Annual assessment of your organization’s database is a best practice aimed at preventing degradation and promoting both efficient utilization and broad adoption.

Our expert database consultants draw on years of experience providing technology support to the nonprofit sector.  With the goal of increasing organizational capacity, we assess your database and provide advice and recommendations to improve its use and usefulness.

The database assessment identifies strengths and weaknesses in clients' Salesforce databases. On that basis, we recommend steps to alleviate the weaknesses and build on the strengths.  The assessment will suggest priorities for needed customizations, and for future improvements. We review items such as the extent of duplicate data, user adoption and staff experience, integration with third-party tools and applications, and object and field usage.

We gather information in two ways: (1) a survey of your Salesforce Administrator and surveys of other Salesforce users, and (2) review of key benchmarks (see below) of the Salesforce Database. Note that we use Field Trip and other trusted third-party apps in our analysis.

After all information has been gathered, a 501 Commons Data Solutions consultant will review it to develop an assessment report. This report includes a description of the current state of the database, and observations and recommendations for any performance improvements.

Key Benchmarks

Identified Database admin/champion

- Surveys

Adoption by staff

- Surveys
- Login history/usage statistics

Use of platform features

- Standard and custom object usage
- Standard and custom field usage
- Overall data usage

Data entry techniques - Standard and custom object usage
- Standard and custom field usage
Staff able to generate reports - Surveys
- Report usage and reports' organization
Data integrity - Tools used to manage duplication
- Contact and Account records (duplication)
- Campaign, Opportunity, custom object records (standardization of use)
- Validation rules, workflows processes built w/ Process Builder
Overall health and security

- NPSP Health Check
- Salesforce Health Check
- Installed Packages / Integrations with third-party tools/platforms

Take the survey

If you are a current client and have opted to use 501 Commons to perform an assessment, you can take the database assessment user survey directly on our website. The user survey is for both system administrators and standard users.