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Database Assessment: User Survey

The goal of our database assessment is to identify the current state of your Salesforce database, and provide thoughtful recommendations for how to build upon existing strengths and address any weaknesses. We will use the responses to this survey and a review of key benchmarks to guide our final assessment report, which will include observations and recommendations for any performance improvements.

This assessment is about your organization – we invite you to have a conversation with your 501 Commons Data Solutions consultant about additional tailoring of the survey and/or benchmarks for assessment.

If you have any questions or experience any issues with this survey, please contact your 501 Commons Data Solutions consultant or send an email to

Tell Us About You

Choose the Salesforce Administrator option if you are responsible for any Salesforce Administrative tasks, such as data deduping / merging records or importing data.
Salesforce Administrator

Salesforce User

Salesforce Pain-Points
When it comes to Salesforce, what are your top 3 pain-points?

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