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Database Development

Nonprofit organizations have a lot of information to track and easy access to that data can make for stronger communications and better business decisions. Whether it's your supporters' contact information, donor giving records, a history of the services your clients have used, or the name of that caterer you love from last year's gala—your important information needs to be stored in an organized, reliable, and accessible system.

Our database consultants have years of experience helping nonprofit organizations make the best use of a variety of database systems, with a deep knowledge of Constituent Relationship Management (CRM). You can keep track of everyone who has a relationship with your organization and help to bring them closer in, or strengthen their bond with your organization and its mission. That can mean, among other things, increasing the frequency that an individual volunteers, raising more money from a local foundation, or attracting super-savvy and highly networked community members to join your board. This can be done through effectively managing contact information, tracking the frequency and methods of communication, and finding new ways to connect with your constituents in a meaningful way.

We’ll help you create a system that will work for your organization's specific data management needs.

Our database consulting team works with tools that your entire staff will be able to learn and utilize. We’ll help you evaluate your data tracking needs and then plan, design and build a system that will work for your organization. And, most importantly, we'll provide training  and coaching on the new system to help your staff hit the ground running and make the most out of your investment in data management.

FlexIt Database Maintenance and Support

In addition to database planning and implementation consulting, 501 Commons offers an ongoing database maintenance and support service. Whether the solution is a small donor database or a complex program management and outcomes measurement application, we have identified some key support services that every database needs and offer them in our maintenance and support program.

Designed to support nonprofits looking to maintain the health and efficiency of their current database over time, FlexIt is a service that gives you the support you need, when you need it. The program provides the following Application Support to keep your database running smoothly and your staff working with it efficiently.

  • Contact us with questions or for troubleshooting, minor tweaks, new customizations or basic integration support, and other maintenance and support needs as they come up.
  • We recommend an annual database review and assessment that will document any current database issues before they become larger problems, as well as provides an opportunity to look to the future and plot out how to make sure your database scales accordingly as your nonprofit changes and grows.
  • Sometimes the real questions and issues only appear a few months after launching a new database, or maybe you have new staff in need of training, or existing staff in need of more advanced training or coaching. Our consultants provide tailor-made training sessions on the topics and skill level of your choice.
  • We can help you leverage a variety of data cleanup tools to do things such as remove or merge duplicate records, data entry cleanup, and mass updating or importing.

Salesforce Administrator Services

The Salesforce Administrator ongoing support service is geared towards organizations who do not have a staff member acting as internal Database Administrator and wish to outsource the basic, day-to-day tasks of ongoing database management to 501 Commons. Your 501 Commons Salesforce Admin will proactively pre-schedule regular maintenance and support tasks as well as respond to work requests as they come up.

Salesforce Admin support includes the following types of basic services:

  • Duplicate record management
  • Weekly data backup
  • Maintenance of data quality and hygiene
  • Development of user documentation
  • Creation and maintenance of reports and dashboards
  • Simple "point and click" configuration tasks
  • Layout editing
  • Data importing

How to Learn More

Curious about the potential of a new database system? Check out our Technology Knowledge Center for presentations and resources that can help you learn more about CRM systems, data management, and selecting "best fit" database for your organization.

If you're ready to get organized, run more efficiently, and get a better return on your database or CRM investment, contact us online or give us a call at 206-682-6704.