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Technology Strategy

Information technology is playing an increasingly critical role in the way nonprofits do business. Technology is embedded in our professional and personal lives and offers the potential for even more game-changing impact on community issues in the years to come. It can no longer be an afterthought. And it can't be bolted onto your organization in a generic fashion.

You probably know the power of the myriad tools and solutions available. Effective use of technology enables organizations to communicate with constituents, keep track of donors, and share stories about the amazing work being done to transform lives. But it can often be unclear where to start, what options are best for your organization, and how to prioritize your investments. You need a plan. We'll help you make one.

Investing the time and energy in a strategic technology planning process will enable your organization to work more efficiently, increase your impact, ensure that your systems are stable, and avoid unexpected costs. Working with a 501 Commons consultant to map out a comprehensive technology plan will allow you to evaluate all your options and choose the direction that is the best fit for your organization. We'll put you on a path that moves your organization forward with a focus on meeting your mission and free of worry about technology detours.

How To Learn More

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