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Collaboration Tools & Applications

We approach each organization with a grounded understanding of the nonprofit sector and the needs of staff members.

The cornerstone of good internal communications and effective administrative systems is a well-designed, internally-facing site that is in the cloud and available from anywhere. An effective collaboration site will communicate to staff about your mission, make management processes more transparent, and encourage employees to engage in the life of the organization in a deeper, more meaningful way.

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We can help you incorporate collaboration and project management tools like Skype for Business, TaskRay or Basecamp into your organization as well.  If you use a Salesforce Database, our Data Solutions team can help you find tools that integrate with Salesforce.

We can design and build a site that you can easily update to reflect new developments in programming, to highlight achievements in your community-changing work, or to support administrative processes.  With many more staff members working from home and, in many organizations, staff at multiple locations or in the field, an always-available collaboration site will be the most effective way to support employees.

Because 501 Commons is a nonprofit, our consultants approach each organization with a grounded understanding of the nonprofit sector, awareness of budget constraints, and respect for the challenges nonprofit staff members face. We create sites with every member of your staff in mind, utilizing a user-friendly content management system that enables people of all technical skill levels to add pages, build forms, and keep content fresh without having to learn code.

Staying in Touch

You have the basics down to work remote, however how does your team work together and when normally they can walk down the hall? As we all know, email can bog us down and is too formal for many communication needs. A key tool in keeping your team connected is chat, voice and video collaboration. There are many solutions out there, but here are three free tools for nonprofits:

Microsoft Teams – If you’re already on Office 365, you have Teams. Use it for 1-1 and group chat, voice, video, file sharing and project management. Teams can even be your phone system. Teams is cross-platform, working on desktops, tablets and mobile phones. Just go to

Google Meet – Start here if your organization is on Google Suite. Hangouts includes chat, voice and video conferencing. Find Hangouts at

Slack – For organizations that want something a little different, Slack is a popular tool for simple group messaging, calling and conferencing. Slack is available for free for nonprofits.

Look at these and then head over to the Remote Teams section of the Resources page to learn more about organizing your team around remote tools.

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