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King County Nonprofit Employment Surveys

The Wage and Benefits Survey is now open!

501 Commons is partnering with the King County Veterans, Seniors & Human Services Levy (VSHSL) to administer two important surveys during the spring of 2021. We believe the survey results will shed light on what we can do to attract people to enter and remain in nonprofit careers. The Wage and Benefits Survey seeks information about employee compensation. The Employee Engagement Survey asks staff questions about compensation, diversity, communications, and other factors contributing to job satisfaction.

There is no cost to participate in the surveys or access the results. VSHSL funding allows the aggregate results to be provided to nonprofits as a free community resource. Individual responses will remain confidential. Only aggregate data will be made public.

The Wage and Benefits Survey

Someone familiar with employee compensation and benefits (usually the executive director, HR staff, or finance manager) should provide pay levels for each job at your organization and information about the benefits you offer. After the survey closes, and data has been collected and synthesized, you will be able to access compensation information for more than 200 job titles from nonprofits across King County and filter these results by subsector and budget size.

The Wage and Benefits Survey closes on May 2. The time required to input your wage and benefit information varies depending on how many positions you have.

It is important that organizations of all sizes and types participate in these surveys so that the wage and benefit information is robust and reliable. Organizations outside of King County may benefit from this information as well, but will need to consider differential pay levels in their county.

Employee Engagement Survey

All nonprofit employees in King County are invited to share their experience working in the nonprofit sector. Questions on the survey include your satisfaction with compensation, the support and direction you received from your supervisor, the information provided by leadership, if the culture is inclusive, and more.

Employees may receive the survey link after April 22 from their employer. Employees can also sign up to receive an email notification from 501 Commons when the survey is launched. The survey will be available on the 501 Commons website so employees can take the survey, even if their workplace is not participating. The survey will be available in multiple languages, and all responses are confidential. Please note that only part-time and full-time paid staff are eligible to take this survey. Volunteers, board members, interns, and contractors cannot participate.

The Employee Engagement Survey opens on Thursday, April 22, and will close in mid-June. It should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. All employee responses are kept confidential. Only 501 Commons survey staff will see the responses. We will synthesize the data using a proven methodology that protects the identity of the survey respondents.

An organization's executive can request an Employee Engagement survey report comparing their aggregated employee responses to the overall responses. To protect employee confidentiality, we will not provide an organizational report if fewer than five employees participate from an organization. For a fee, we can provide customized questions and additional analysis to the Employee Engagement Survey. Please email Jenny Lundqvist at to learn more.

Here are a few helpful resources:

How do I stay informed?

  • If you are a nonprofit executive or staff member who will steward your organization's participation in the Wage and Benefit survey, please fill out this form to receive email updates. We will send you the survey link and instructions on how to submit your data.
  • If you are an executive, let us know the email, name, and title of the person you want to receive the Employee Engagement Survey link to distribute to staff. Please fill out this form to receive notifications about the surveys and resources to prepare for your team’s participation.
  • If you are a nonprofit employee, sign up to participate in the Employee Engagement Survey. We will send you the link when the survey launches. We encourage you to share the link and information about the survey with others you know who work in the nonprofit sector.

Questions or concerns? Read the Frequently Asked Questions for guidance. If you still don’t see what you’re looking for, please email Jenny Lundqvist at

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unsure about participating in the King County Nonprofit Employment Surveys? Read our Frequently Asked Questions section for additional information.


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